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Our Story

MountainBrew has been around for a little over ten years.  As of June 2019 MountainBrew went under new ownership.   Lonnie Castelli, who also owns RK Pet Ranch,  bought the shop.  Lonnie hopes to keep the same values as the old owners, by offering homemade baked goods and local products for the freshest tastes.  

We are an intimate coffee shop in downtown Steamboat Springs.  Where you can find a range of specialty lattes and coffee drinks.  If your favorite drink isn't up on our menu our friendly baristas are always happy to help find what you are looking for.  We also offer locally home-made pastries as the perfect addition to your coffee.  If you are looking for something a little more hearty we offer breakfast and lunch items, including our amazing quiche and breakfast burrito.  

Our Coffee


MountainBrew serves the finest fair trade coffee beans available.  They are small-batch roasted for us in Portland, Oregon, and are ground fresh for each pot.  


We also serve coffees from Steamboats local coffee roasters.  We have a wide range available for sale by the bag as well.  Ranging from light roasts to dark roasts.  If you can't pick one ask us for our opinion.  We love coffee,  which makes it easy for us to help you find your flavor. 



Local Merchandise our store offers


MountainBrew prides itself on the amount of local products we offer. From coffee to eggs you can find it all here. 

Hayden Fresh Farms:  All of our products are made with farm fresh eggs from Hayden!  Try our daily selection of delicious quiche or any of our breakfast items with eggs.  We also sell eggs by the dozen!


JJ's Honey:  Locally harvested right here in 
Steamboat!  Ask to add it to your coffee or try it on  a special CJ Crumpet made in house.  Also available by the jar!


Steamboat Coffee Roasters:  Locally roasted in Steamboat.  We offer a rotating selection on drip, as well as a variety of 15 different bags sold whole bean.  We are more than happy to freshly grind your coffee so it is as fresh as possible.  

Seedhouse Coffee:  Also locally roasted here in steamboat.  Sold by the bag whole bean.  Each blend tells you where the coffee came from, and what altitude it was grown at right on the bag!

Bee Grateful Farm:  Love honey and caramel?  Well Bee Grateful Farms have combined them into a delicious Hand-Crafted candy in Steamboat Springs.  These suckers are addicting once you get hooked you will not stop eating them until the bag is gone.  

Honey Stinger:  We offer Honey Stinger waffles and energy cracker bars.  A wonderful addition to a cup of coffee for a burst of energy before heading out on that bike ride or up on the slopes!

Outlaw Honey Apiaries:  A local honey company based out of Hayden.  You can choose from SIX different flavors of honey.  Come on in and sample of them they are super yummy!


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